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Let Us Make Your Plant or Factory A Safe Place To Work

Securing industrial factories can be a challenge even with a strict regulatory environment and areas of responsibility. At Shield International SIA®, we understand the challenges your industry can have based on your facility’s needs and goals. With our outstanding safety record in Florida and industrial security expertise, we can be your safety partners and advisers. Our experts work with customers to develop a comprehensive security program that prioritizes employee safety, protect assets and leverages technology solutions designed to optimize your security operations.

Shield International SIA® is a reliable and experienced security company that helps prepare for and manage security risk. Our mission is to improve safety and secure your workforce and management. We can provide guidelines, threat assessments, situation analysis, and identify potential risks. We can also Respond quickly to incidents with a coordinated plan such as crisis, disasters and emergency responses.

Our officers are trained to recognize safety hazards and respond by taking the appropriate action when needed, such as:

  • Fire extinguisher checks
  • Handling visitor sign-ins
  • Credentialing employees
  • Escorting visitors
  • Performing lighting inspections
  • Conducting job safety analyses
  • Emergency and weather-related planning
  • loss-prevention of employees and visitors
  • Distributing mail and packages