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The Safety Of Healthcare Facilities Require Responsible Security Service

Our First priority is the safety and security of your staff, patients, and visitors in your healthcare facilities. These types of facilities are under constant pressure to provide safety to patients with a reasonable cost, controlled visitor traffic, managed access in multiple buildings and active emergency departments. The ability to successfully carryout these responsibilities can turn a healthcare facility into a safe place. When finding a solution for safety and security in your healthcare facility, you need a security team who is ready with the expertise needed to take on any security challenges in your healthcare facilities.

We have the trust and support of security directors statewide because we have expertise in providing responsive security services for a wide variety of healthcare facilities. Our highly trained hospital security professionals adapt to your needs and values and are skilled in the protection of healthcare facilities. The presence of a security professional can improve the atmosphere with safety for staff, patients and visitors. Whether controlling hospital visits, employee access, threat of aggression, responding to a biohazard and securing medical equipment, our services go beyond the ordinary security response.

We will monitor and respond quickly to any security threats using our knowledge and experience from the following procedures:

  • Regulatory and accreditation compliance
  • Mental health, drug or alcohol-related patient situations
  • Management of aggressive behavior
  • Fire safety
  • Crisis intervention and de-escalation
  • Workplace violence preparedness
  • Emergency Response / Management
  • Access control, protection and contraband detection
  • Morgue escort services